I’m still reviewing books! Just not on this blog right now.

The Rolling Writer

If you’re looking for a readable pop history version of the Thirty Years War, do not read this book. I started this back in April, so it may very well have set a record for book that’s taken me the longest to read. In my life. Previously, my go-to Thirty Years War history was C.V. Wedgwood’s  influential work, but I thought it might be a good idea to  try something more up-to-date. As it turns out, I don’t need anything more up-to-date for my purposes.

europes tragedyDifficult as it was, it wasn’t a waste of time, since I gleaned a ton of useful information from it. In fact, it was packed with facts of all kinds, just not presented in a very readable form. Wilson takes a good 300 pages just to get to the beginning of the war. This isn’t entirely unreasonable, because the reasons for the war…

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