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Four Stars

id tell you i love youI really enjoyed I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You, partly because it was really well-done, but also because I would have loved to read this when I was a teenager. I really wanted to be a spy (and an opera singer and an astronaut), and even went so far as to “practice” whenever I got the chance. So, if you thought you were being followed by an awkward-looking teenage girl many, many years, congratulations- you blew my cover!

This book is first in the Gallagher Girls series, and follows the adventures of Cammie Morgan, just your average teenage girls at boarding school. A boarding school which turns promising teenage girls into spies. The whole thing is of course, top-secret. Which makes any kind of love life really awkward, if not impossible. And on top of that, Cammie’s mom is the school’s headmistress, and naturally, a former super-spy.

While on a mission for her Covert Ops class, Cammie meets a “normal” boy- Josh- who notices her in spite of her tendency to fade into the background. With the collusion of her besties, Liz and Bex, Cammie manages to kind of start a relationship with him, although she has to lie about everything. Soon, her clique is enlarged by Macey, an heiress and senator’s daughter who’s been kicked out of every other school, and who naturally, has a gift for espionage. Unlike the other girls, she knows something about boys, so she’s a welcome addition, once she gets over her initial bad attitude.

Naturally, entertaining complications ensue. There are numerous cute references to spy incidents in the past, mostly involving the teachers, and some of the girls on their summer vacations. And of course all of the classes pertain to espionage. It’s kind of like the Hogwarts of spying.

I’ll be reading more of these when I’m looking for something light and funny.