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Full disclosure here: my husband and I wrote this book.

We met on a big online dating site in 2009, then proceeded to hear from all kinds of people how online dating doesn’t work. But it does! In addition to the naysayers we saw more and more folks around us who were meeting online and were happy with the results. So, we concluded that there is a right and a wrong way to do this.

We started by writing a pretty straightforward book about the online dating process, then most of the way through realized that some other stuff really needed to come first. Namely, that stuff we called relationship readiness. So many people dive into online dating without really being ready for it and then wonder why they have a horrible experience. Not to mention, there are many who simply have a long history of unsuccessful relationships and would like to change that.

This book is for those people. Your success in online dating has just about everything to do with your attitude. If you aren’t over your ex, are angry with the opposite sex, keep picking people who are bad for you, settle for bad behavior, and on and on, you need to read this. It took some time, but I think we just about managed to cover every conceivable situation that makes people not ready to date.

Best of all, we’ve both been in most of those places at one time or another, so we’re living proof that a few fairly minor changes in your outlook can make all the difference in your love life.

I would never have believed I would have a spouse that I could collaborate with on a book without coming to blows. And no blows were exchanged! There was a bit of yelling, but overall, the process was very harmonious. So much so, that we’re getting ready to finish up the one we started with originally.

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