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Five Stars

lets get visibleSubtitled, “How to Get Noticed and Sell More Books,” Let’s Get Visible is the second installment in David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Publishing series. I haven’t read the first one, Let’s Get Digital, which I understand is about the nuts and bolts of writing an ebook, but I’m sure it’s useful, as this book was.

Having published several other books himself, Gaughan understands how Amazon’s algorithms work and uses that knowledge to explain how to leverage its recommendation engine to make your book stand out among the thousands published every day.

He works backwards, first explaining how to get on category bestseller lists, how to become popular in the way Amazon likes it, and ends by laying out the way to launch a book while optimizing the Amazon system.

Even though the book is geared towards novel publication, and our first book is non-fiction, there was still a ton of useful information. The “Author’s Toolkit” appendix is a goldmine of practical things you can do to make your book successful. I ended up taking a lot of notes and plan to use them as we roll out our book.